9 Best Dentists in Franklin, TN – Your Quick List (October 2023)

Franklin TN Dentist

Are you searching for a reliable and trustworthy dentist in Franklin, TN?

Look no further!

In this article, we will introduce you to the top dental professionals in the area who can cater to all your oral health needs (updated in October 2023).

Whether you require routine check-ups, cosmetic dentistry, or specialized treatments, Franklin, TN, has a plethora of skilled dentists ready to provide exceptional care.

Below is a table with the best dentists in Franklin, TN, including their phone numbers and opening hours.

Name of DentistryPhone NumberOpening Hours
Rachel Oates Family Dental(615) 593-9955Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed
Franklin Dental Care(615) 942-8780Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM–4:00 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed
MidTN Dentistry(615) 599-9752Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed
Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry(615) 595-6111Mon, Wed: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Tue, Thu: 8:00 AM–3:00 PM, Fri-Sun: Closed
Meridian Dental Centre(615) 771-8809Mon-Thu: 7:00 AM–4:00 PM, Fri-Sun: Closed
Cool Springs Modern Dentistry(615) 656-0217Mon, Wed: 9:00 AM–6:00 PM, Tue, Thu: 8:30 AM–5:00 PM, Fri: 7:30 AM–3:00 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed
Franklin Dental Co.(615) 721-7970Mon-Thu: 7:00 AM–12:00 PM, 1:00 PM–4:00 PM, Fri: 7:00 AM–1:00 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed
Dental Care of Franklin: Jason R. White, DDS(615) 778-1442Mon, Wed: 7:00 AM–4:00 PM, Tue, Thu: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Fri-Sun: Closed
The Practice: Dr. Matt Kasiar, DMD(615) 628-7728Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM–4:00 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed
Berry Farms Dental(615) 435-3274Mon-Thu: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Fri: 7:00 AM–3:00 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed
Franklin TN dentists

Maintaining good oral health is vital for overall well-being, and finding the right dentist is crucial. Franklin, TN, boasts a vibrant dental community with a wide range of dental practices, offering state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate care.

From routine cleanings to advanced procedures, these dentists prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, ensuring your dental experience is as pleasant as possible.

With a focus on personalized care and a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry, Franklin, TN, dentists are dedicated to providing the highest level of oral healthcare.

Whether you need general dentistry services or more specialized treatments, you can trust that these dental professionals will deliver exceptional results and help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

1. Rachel Oates Family Dental

Situated just on the outskirts of downtown Franklin, Tennessee, Rachel Oates Family Dental is an all-in-one dental hub for kids and adults.

Their practice boasts several key advantages, such as flexible scheduling around work and school hours, budget-friendly plans for those without insurance, and comfort features like sedation options for a relaxed visit.

The clinic, located at 1345 W Main St, Franklin, TN 37064, operates Mondays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They also provide downloadable new patient forms for a more straightforward check-in process that you can complete before your appointment.

2. Franklin Dental Care

Dental Care is committed to delivering top-notch dental solutions for individuals of all age groups. Emphasizing the intrinsic connection between oral and overall health, the practice is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and follows the latest industry best practices.

Their team, comprised of dentists, hygienists, and skilled technicians, is well-equipped to address a comprehensive range of oral health issues.

Designed with patient well-being in mind, the facility blends a soothing environment with state-of-the-art dental tools. From the moment you step through the front door, the staff is committed to ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.

The practice offers flexible hours to accommodate work and school schedules, economical options for those without insurance, and amenities like sedation options to make your visit as stress-free as possible.

Key highlights of Franklin Dental Care include a broad spectrum of dental services for both kids and adults, a prime location near downtown Franklin, and a commitment to ongoing staff training in the most recent dental techniques.

They also run limited-time special promotions and have been recognized as the Best Dentist in the Franklin Sizzle Awards. For newcomers, they offer a comprehensive guide detailing what to expect on your first visit, complete with appointment reminders and a rundown of available services.

3. MidTN Dentistry

With branches in Smyrna and Franklin, Tennessee, MidTN Dentistry is a comprehensive family and orthodontic dental clinic. Committed to improving their patients’ oral health, they offer various treatments, including dental crowns.

Dr. Reid Hill is a critical dental team member, and the practice has garnered favorable feedback from satisfied customers.

4. Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry

Located in the historic heart of Franklin, Tennessee, Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry offers dental services, including oral exams, periodontal checks, and digital radiography.

Led by Dr. Sean J. Abrams, the practice is acclaimed for its quality care, efficient billing, and patient satisfaction.

Key features include its unique setting in a craftsman-style home, comprehensive care through detailed exams and screenings, a highly competent staff, and modern digital radiography for precise diagnoses.

5. Meridian Dental Centre

Meridian Dental Centre is a modern dental facility that combines a serene atmosphere with cutting-edge technology to offer top-notch care.

With a well-educated and experienced team, the clinic emphasizes ongoing training in the latest dental techniques. Committed to providing comprehensive, lifetime dental care, the practice focuses on immediate and preventative treatment plans.

Utilizing advanced diagnostic methods like digital X-rays, they offer a wide range of services, including corrective dentistry, ensuring high accuracy and effectiveness in treatments.

6. Cool Springs Modern Dentistry

Situated in Franklin, Tennessee, near landmarks like Liberty Pike and Lifetime Fitness, Cool Springs Modern Dentistry aims to provide a stress-free and comfortable patient experience.

With a business model that highly values patient referrals, they go the extra mile in patient care.

The clinic offers various services, such as affordable custom-made dentures, durable inlays and onlays, and customized mouthguards for sports.

Additionally, the practice strongly emphasizes patient education and preventive care, offering everything from basic teeth cleaning to more intricate dental procedures.

7. Dental Care of Franklin: Jason R. White, DDS

Headed by Dr. Jason White, Dental Care of Franklin prioritizes building strong patient relationships to deliver top-quality dental care.

The practice provides many services, including dental implants, restorative treatments, and family dentistry. For added convenience, they offer an online patient center where forms can be accessed and downloaded.

The seasoned dental team is committed to crafting personalized treatment plans to enhance each patient’s smile.

8. The Practice: Dr. Matt Kasiar, DMD

Under the leadership of cosmetic dentist Dr. Matt Kasiar, The Practice in Franklin, TN, is committed to delivering exceptional, minimally invasive dental care. Dr. Kasiar’s extensive training and experience inspire patient confidence.

The clinic aims to enhance smiles with a unique dental experience. Notable features include free virtual consultations, a gallery of before-and-after patient photos, convenient online and phone appointment scheduling, and authentic patient reviews to offer insights into the quality of their services.

9. Berry Farms Dental

Berry Farms Dental offers comprehensive dental services led by Drs. Amber Johnson, Brooke McVey, and Chandler Cole.

The practice focuses on customized care, offering various services from general to cosmetic and pediatric dentistry. To alleviate patient anxiety, they provide sedation options for a more comfortable experience.

New patients are welcomed with an in-depth initial visit that includes a thorough dental assessment and discussion of treatment options. The practice also has a sister clinic, Berry Children Dental, led by Dr. Richee Berry, specializing in pediatric and orthodontic care in Maryland locations like Bowie, Largo, and Upper Marlboro.

Conclusion on Franklin TN Dentist

Franklin, Tennessee, is home to diverse dental practices, each with unique offerings and specializations. From Rachel Oates Family Dental’s focus on all-encompassing family dentistry to Franklin Dental Care’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services, there’s a clinic for every dental need. MidTN Dentistry offers family and orthodontic services, gaining positive reviews from its patient base.

Downtown Franklin Family Dentistry stands out for its historic setting and comprehensive screenings, while Meridian Dental Centre is noted for its serene atmosphere and lifetime care approach.

Cool Springs Modern Dentistry aims for a stress-free patient experience and highly values patient education and preventive care. Dental Care of Franklin, led by Dr. Jason White, emphasizes strong patient relationships and offers an online patient center for added convenience.

Under Dr. Matt Kasiar, the Practice offers minimally invasive dental care and free virtual consultations. Finally, Berry Farms Dental specializes in customized dental care, ranging from general to cosmetic and pediatric dentistry, and also has a sister clinic for specialized pediatric and orthodontic care in Maryland.

Whether you’re looking for general, cosmetic, or specialized dental care, Franklin, Tennessee, offers many options, each striving to deliver exceptional service and patient satisfaction.

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9 Best Dentists in Franklin, TN – Your Quick List (October 2023)
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