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Things To Do In Mansfield Ohio – 12 Hidden Gems On Your Next Vacation

Mansfield Ohio
Source: Google Maps

Mansfield, Ohio is a great destination for fun and adventure. Whether you’re looking to explore the outdoors or take in some historical sites, Mansfield has something for everyone!

Take a deep breath and dive into an exciting world of exploration with these amazing things to do in Mansfield, Ohio – like stepping inside a time machine it’s sure to be an eye-opening experience that will leave you wanting more.

Picture yourself on a journey through history – walking down the streets of downtown Mansfield where 19th century architecture still stands tall among modern day buildings; visiting the Kingwood Center Gardens, 47 lush acres filled with rare plants as well as blooming flowers and artful sculptures; or venturing up to Richland Carrousel Park, one of only three operating wooden carousels left in the country. The possibilities are endless!

No matter what your age or interest may be, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained in Mansfield. From outdoor activities such as kayaking on Charles Mill Lake or biking along trails at Malabar Farm State Park to cultural experiences like attending music festivals and shopping unique boutiques – there’s something for everyone here. Get ready for an unforgettable experience full of freedom and discovery when exploring all that Mansfield has to offer.

1. Richland Carrousel Park

Richland Carrousel Park
Source: Google Maps

Brimming with character and history, Richland Carrousel Park is a delightful escape for those wanting to explore the city of Mansfield.

Taking a stroll down its main street, aptly named Park Avenue, visitors can witness an array of eye-catching attractions; from Edward Wilkinson’s hand crafted carousel horses to the Wax Museum. Brought to life by the vision of local entrepreneur Harold Huggins, the park was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

At Richland Carrousel Park, it’s easy for any visitor to get lost in their surroundings. With 36 unique animals on display, there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

In addition to riding one of the many vintage carousels, guests may also take advantage of Malabar Farm’s Herb Garden or visit the Visitor Center where they can learn about Natural History in Ohio.

Whether you’re looking to ride some old fashioned rides or admire historical artifacts, Richland Carrousel Park has something special for everyone! Every corner offers something new and exciting – so why not come take a look?

Sheila BickertSheila Bickert
18:43 10 Dec 22
Always a great time at the Carrousel, especially during Christmas. It was decorated so festive with all the trees.
Lana PfeiferLana Pfeifer
21:26 25 Oct 22
Love it it was great for my kid 39 years ago now I bring my grandson. Beautiful and fun for whole family.
DeeDee BDeeDee B
17:51 01 Oct 22
How can you not love this place. So great. The different animals like no other carousel I've ever seen.
Jenny VargoJenny Vargo
16:17 04 Apr 22
A lovely and inexpensive way to have fun with the entire family! We were pleasantly surprised to even see that the Easter Bunny was there! They even did random free rides for everybody! The cost to ride is $1, and it goes for awhile. Priceless for the feeling of being a kid again! Magical moments!
Rochelle KroesenRochelle Kroesen
12:33 08 Nov 21
Stopped in while visiting Mansfield and I'm so glad I did. This charming place brought out the child in me. I even went for a ride. The gift shope was nice and had a nice selection of stuff. At $1 a ride (or 6 for $5) you can afford rides for the entire family 😊

2. Mansfield Art Center

Mansfield Art Center
Source: Google Maps

The Mansfield Art Center is a vibrant destination for art lovers, where creativity and imagination come alive! This oasis of culture offers visitors the opportunity to explore an incredible array of galleries, seasonal events and special exhibitions.

Here are just some of the reasons why it’s such an exciting destination:

  1. The Kingwood Center Gardens – located on Park Ave W, this 47-acre estate features breathtaking gardens perfect for exploring year-round.
  2. Gothic Houses – these grand homes from the late 19th century offer insight into the city’s historical architecture.
  3. Buckeye Children’s Museum – with hands-on activities designed for children, this museum encourages learning through play in a fun atmosphere.

From its beautiful gardens to its picturesque gothic houses, there’s something at the Mansfield Art Center for everyone – no matter what age or interest you have!

Plus, Destination Mansfield often coordinates special events throughout the year that create even more enjoyable experiences here.

Whether you’re looking for a day out with family or friends or simply want to take in all that this unique setting has to offer, make sure you include it as part of your itinerary when visiting Mansfield Ohio.

With so much to see and do here, it’ll be hard not to keep coming back again and again! Moving on now to ‘Malabar Farm State Park’…

Mansfield Art Center
Based on 219 reviews
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Several months ago I went here with two friends, Jackie Lindecamp and Bill Freytag to view John Cougar Mellencamps art work!The man can't only sing, he's a very Professional Artist
JM MillerJM Miller
16:13 12 Aug 22
Great space for art exhibits. Spacious with lots of natural light. Very cool local art there & also can have huge exhibits like John Mellencamp's paintings.
Jean DeChantJean DeChant
19:14 03 Aug 22
Loved the exhibit. I was glad that they were able to bring John Mellencamp's art here.
Evan ErwinEvan Erwin
19:28 22 Jul 22
We love taking our daughter to their workshops. She was able to spend the whole week here during this Summer for their Art camp. We couldn't be happier with the experience.

3. Malabar Farm State Park

Malabar Farm State Park
Source: Google Maps

Malabar Farm State Park is a symbol of Mansfield’s idyllic natural beauty. Set on the rolling hills just outside the city, it offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

From scenic parks to North End Farmers Market, Apple Hill Orchards and Shawshank Trail, there are plenty of activities for visitors looking to explore this slice of nature.

Here’s what you can expect when visiting Malabar Farm:

  • Lexington Ave: Take a stroll through one of the many walking trails or picnic along Lexingon Avenue – perfect place for bird watching!
  • Mansfield Fire Museum & Educational Center: Learn about local fire-fighting history with interactive exhibits at the museum.
  • Scenic Parks: Enjoy stunning views as you take in all that nature has to offer from these parklands.
  • Buckeye Imagination Museum: Discover creative works by artists from around Ohio at this unique destination.

For those seeking adventure beyond sightseeing, head over to Buckeye Children’s Adventure Park or join a guided tour at Malabar Farm’s historic barnyard area.

There’s something here for everyone who wants to connect with their wild side while getting away from it all! As travelers bask in the blissful atmosphere of Malabar Farm State Park they will be reminded why Mansfield holds such appeal – its beautiful land filled with possibilities waiting to be discovered.

Malabar Farm State Park
Based on 1583 reviews
powered by Google
Lusee LearningLusee Learning
12:40 16 Nov 22
What a wonderful state park for the whole family. We visited during their yearly festival which was free. A self-guided tour of the home was free. Free tasting of a smoked hog was available for all and there was enough being smoked from the smoke house to be enjoyed by every visitor. The war of 1812 re-enactment was on display with men and women dressed in costume from that time period along with tents they would have used. Some selling what they made others educating the public on the time period. A demonstration of the cannons was very loud. Ear plugs for safety are suggested. Different bands played throughout the day. Arrowheads and other artifacts were displayed and for sale.The Pugh Cabin at Malabar Farms is an added bonus! Trails all around the cabin and dry horse trailer camping. Can spend a whole day hiking trails around the cabin. Be sure to Google the Pugh cabin for interesting history into how Mr. Pugh built it. Have Fun!
01:19 27 Oct 22
U have kids and u r wondering where to take them .Yes yes malabar is a great choice for the family and kids.Amazing nature , farm and experience.The coworkers r so wonderful and try to explain everything about the site from the beginning till now .There is also events happening there and u can use the site as wedding venue .The babies can check the farm and check different types of animals who lives there and also u can end up hiking or horse riding .Amazing experience 🤩
Dawn Blazier-SeelyDawn Blazier-Seely
01:02 22 Sep 22
We rented the Maple Syrup cabin for our wedding ceremony on the dock and the Pugh Cabin for the reception.Everything we dreamed of!Sara the groundskeeper was so accommodating and nice.The place was perfect and well supplied.Our guests kept complimenting on the beautiful location and setting.Highly recommend!
Samantha ZizzoSamantha Zizzo
00:28 24 Jun 22
Unfortunately, our stay occurred right after a tornado had touched down in the area. All hiking trails and some activities were shutdown. We plan to return after the trails are opened.....Hopefully this fall for a deeper exploration. Be sure to call ahead to find out times for the wagon tour ($3 pp) and house tour.
Tonya StrazdinsTonya Strazdins
00:08 24 Jan 22
We arrived just before sunset on a quiet Thursday evening. The gift shop was closed and the tours were over but we still wanted to enjoy the scenery. We decided to take a small fall hike in the park and the scenery was breathtaking. I can’t wait to come back and fully experience the farm but the park itself is a true gem.

4. Mansfield Memorial Museum

Mansfield Memorial Museum
Source: Google Maps

Exploring Mansfield Memorial Museum is an activity that should not be missed. From the outside, the Gothic Revival-style building looks like it was plucked right out of a movie scene – and with good reason; Humphrey Bogart visited the museum while filming The Desperate Hours in 1955!

Step inside to find a plethora of artifacts from local history collected by John Robinson and Marie Tussaud, Jared Mansfield’s original surveyor compass, and other items donated by citizens over time. To get the most out of your visit here are 5 must-sees:

1) Learn about Apple Hill Orchard’s rich history through photographs and interactive displays.

2) Find yourself standing on the very spot where a former police station used to stand.

3) Trace back to Civil War times with a look at artifacts from Fowler Woods State Nature Preserve.

4) Take part in their rotating events such as lectures, workshops and more!

5) Marvel at some of Mansfield’s oldest buildings including its first schoolhouse.

This place has something for everyone so if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or learn more about this historic town then don’t miss out on Mansfield Memorial Museum!

After exploring these historical treasures, your next stop should be Little Buckeye Children’s Museum – ready?

Reynaldo JimenezReynaldo Jimenez
10:15 08 Nov 22
Very interesting museum, free entrance, friendly personnel, they will tell about history of items.
Tammy McQuillenTammy McQuillen
19:28 05 Jun 22
Wonderful collection of Westinghouse appliances and artifacts from Mansfield. Our guide was very informative! I really appreciated the section on African American families in Mansfield--it is a must see. Admission is free but they take donations.
Larry ConroyLarry Conroy
05:04 10 Nov 19
Very interesting history of Mansfield, Richland County, and Ohio. The curator spent hundreds of hours mounting miniature airplane models. I thought I had considerable knowledge of military aircraft but I could identify only a fraction of the models he had. Very impressive! Visit and donate!
Felicia WallaceFelicia Wallace
21:18 05 Oct 19
I will DEFINITELY go back. It is free to go and very educational. This is one of the 13 buildings built for the civil war vets. This was the 1st built and last standing. There is so much to see and observe. There are two active floors with more history than the heart can handle. The 3rd floor was closed by fire marshals due to only having one exit. You can donate to this facility. I will be going back.
00:35 20 Jun 18
Loved this little museum. There was so much historical artifacts. The first Robot built by Westinghouse and appeared at the New York State Fair 1938. Artifacts from Revolutionary War, Civil War; to recent wars. First washer dryer combo made by Westinghouse and so much more. Presently the museum runs on donations from visitors to the museum. It is open on the weekend and is located sandwhiched between the Mansfield City Park on Park Avenue and a full sized Carasoul.

5. Little Buckeye Children’s Museum

Little Buckeye Children's Museum
Source: Google Maps

The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is a great destination for families to explore and get creative. With interactive displays, weekly story time sessions, and historical events, it has something to offer everyone.

History buffs can enjoy the museum’s collection of artifacts from Mansfield’s past that tell the stories of many different people who lived in this area over the years. Kids will love all the fun activities like exploring the bird display or checking out one of their popular gift shops!

Outside the museum you’ll find plenty more to do with your family. Take a stroll through the public garden or go on an adventure down one of their beautiful hiking trails – perfect for getting some fresh air while taking in nature’s beauty.

The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum truly offers something for everyone, making it an ideal destination for visitors looking for an educational and enjoyable experience with their loved ones.

It doesn’t end there though – just around the corner lies Ohio Bird Sanctuary where you can observe birds up close and learn about our feathered friends inhabiting this region.

J PittsJ Pitts
18:19 29 Dec 22
This was a wonderful place to visit for a few hours. My 3 year old liked it a lot and it was fun watching him explore all the different areas. They had a little bank, dentist, optometrist and other fun areas set up.
Colleen O'DonnellColleen O'Donnell
17:20 29 Dec 22
This is a great addition to downtown Mansfield. Wonderful place for kids. Able to run around pretty safely inside. Has different types of experiences for kids that can keep them busy all afternoon. Very clean and well maintained. Highly recommend!
20:30 09 Dec 22
Our first visit at the new location we were not notified at time of entry that a field trip was going on , if I was told that at time of entry I would have came back later. With all the chaos going on of 2 bus fulls of kids my multiple food allergy child was fed something at the train table by another child! Our fun day could have been not so fun.***Enforcement of eating at the designated eating area at time of entry for each visitor would be greatly appreciated and only take a couple seconds. Please consider doing this for the sake of food allergy children.
Danielle ChanceDanielle Chance
00:45 30 Jul 22
Such an amazing treasure to have in Richland county. We are members and go often but we are just excited for the new building. It's going to be so great!
Kory EverhartKory Everhart
18:00 09 Apr 22
I've been here a few times over the years with my nieces and nephews and finally have a child of my own to bring here. It is an amazing place with so many fun things for kids to do! They can let their imagination run wild and get out tons of energy. The membership is well worth the money!

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6. Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Source: Google Maps

Prepare to be amazed. The Ohio Bird Sanctuary is a haven for bird-lovers located in the heart of north central Ohio! This sanctuary is like no other – it’s home to over 200 species of birds, including native and migrating species from all around the world!

Whether you’re looking to bike on the trails, have an educational experience with your family, or just enjoy some peaceful bird watching, this sanctuary has something for everyone.

The park offers many activities such as guided tours through Mohican State Park, avian research opportunities at nearby Ohio State University, and birding classes taught by experts.

You can also take part in special events offered throughout the year and explore the natural wildlife habitats that are unique to North Central Ohio.

Plus, there’s even a cafe located right next door on Park Ave., so you can grab a bite after taking in all the exciting sights.

If you want to make sure you get up close and personal with these amazing creatures, then TIP: bring along binoculars or spotting scopes for optimal viewing pleasure.

From colorful warblers making their way across Lake Erie to bald eagles soaring overhead – there’s always something new and interesting happening at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.

So come check it out today – who knows what feathered friends await?

Ohio Bird Sanctuary
Based on 643 reviews
powered by Google
21:50 21 Jul 22
Really pretty area. The birds seem well taken care of. Not a huge place, but quaint and pretty. Birds back stories on how they got to the sanctuary are listed with each bird. There is an area you can pay $.25 for a small cup of meal worms and feed the backyard type birds. Has a small butterfly garden. Has a gift shop and indoor bathrooms. Picnic tables if you being a small lunch. Staff were nice and professional.
Melissa CraftMelissa Craft
23:44 20 Jul 22
It was okay. I expected to see more birds. I also feel that the price to see the birds, should be more of an optional donation. There were several birds to see and the stories about each bird, was interesting. If you do feed birds, opt for some live worms...some birds go for the ones that are crawling. Overall, I would recommend stopping, if you're in the area.
Apache WRLDApache WRLD
02:41 11 Jul 22
Didn't get many bird pictures (mostly videos) but it was amazing. Staff is so nice and it was really cool to see all the little and big birdies. So cool to be able to feed them!!!!!
Gary MartinGary Martin
22:43 07 Mar 22
We visited on 3/5/2022. Very nice bird rescue Sanctuary. Birds are well taken care of and plenty of staff to answer questions. There is a learning center for groups as well. You are able to feed the birds in the aviary area but most are hard to get to come for the food. Admission for my wife and I was $5 each plus .25 for each cup of feed for birds in the aviary.
Clarissa WolfhopeClarissa Wolfhope
17:59 13 Jun 21
Very cool place! Cheap, especially kids. Birds are well kept. Staff is very nice. There is an enclosure with more docile birds, you can purchase some feed (25cents a cup) to feed them. A short walk with benches and few steps.

7. Snow Trails Ski Resort

Snow Trails Ski Resort
Source: Google Maps

Snow Trails Ski Resort is like a winter wonderland come to life! Towering mountains of fresh, powdery snow beckon nature lovers from near and far. Located on Orweiler Rd in Mansfield Ohio, Snow Trails is the perfect destination for those who are looking for an epic road trip adventure.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just want to enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen snow, there’s something here for everyone at Snow Trails Ski Resort.

From skiing and snowboarding down South Park mountain to bouncing around at the trampoline park on Lexington Avenue, this resort offers everything needed for an unforgettable experience. Plus, don’t forget about the Tropical House when taking a break from all the fun!

So lace up your skis or strap on your board and take advantage of all that Snow Trails Ski Resort has to offer:

  • Fresh snow trails where beginners can learn the ropes
  • A tropical house with heated pools and hot tubs
  • An exciting trampoline park located right next door
  • Breath-taking views while gliding down South Park Mountain
  • Plenty of photo opportunities to capture special moments

No matter what time of year it is, Snow Trails provides visitors with plenty of ways to have some outdoor fun. So why not take a chance and explore all that this incredible ski resort has to offer?

Whether you’re looking for a day filled with excitement or simply want to admire nature’s beauty from afar, you won’t be disappointed by any means.

With so much potential waiting in one place, now is definitely the time to make plans for visiting Snow Trails Ski Resort! Moving on…

Snow Trails
Based on 1152 reviews
powered by Google
JM HamiliJM Hamili
06:48 07 Feb 23
This is my 1st time skiing and snowboarding and it was a lot of fun. I wish I had a lot of time with my instructor (who was patient with me btw lol). I felt like the kids were more experts than I was as a 27 yo. The staff was perfectly helpful with everything, the rentals, cafes, and instructors. I even met a pro there who went to give us some advice. I am highly recommending this place to everyone who loves to experience it. The experience was WILD and something to be grateful for. 😀
danielle tobiasdanielle tobias
04:37 23 Jan 23
Had a great time tubing! Great bang for the buck! Was able to go down the hill 8-10 times in the 2 hour time slot, Not overly crowded, and the conveyor belt back to the top helped immensely 😂! The staff was really good for being a bunch of young kids. Highly recommend!
Amanda DexterAmanda Dexter
12:00 22 Feb 22
We took a last minute trip to Ohio for President’s Day and tried to book some tickets in advance and everything was booked. We called on Friday on the way up from North Carolina and Jason in the lessons department was able to get all 5 of the kids in our party a snowboarding lesson and we purchased the starter package. Our kids had the best time Saturday learning to snowboard with Ellen. We spent some good time in the lodge and the bartenders and staff were amazing. We will definitely be coming back and highly recommend this spot for anyone looking for some winter fun.
Aaron LaneAaron Lane
22:51 13 Feb 22
Love this place! I wanted to teach my daughter how to ski and didn't want to have a 2.5 hr wait for rentals. This place was fantastic! There was a greeter at the entrance to the parking lot that explained where I can go get rentals and my lift tickets (they can print out tickets the same place you pick up rentals). He was very courteous and very helpful. There is a parking lot near the rentals that had plenty of spaces and the walk was really quick to the building. There was maybe two people in line ahead of us and 3 people registering people in. We were in and out of the rental shop with our lift tickets in under 15 minutes. The slopes were also great as they had plenty of runs for a beginner. The lodge was also great, although crowded. Food was good and atmosphere was fun for a ski lodge. This is my new favorite place to take the family. Thank you for a wonderful visit.
Buck MastersBuck Masters
16:31 25 Jan 22
Snow trails is the best! My 14 year old son started skiing last year and loves it! Great hobby for him and his buddies ! I’m even skiing now at 47 and never thought it could be this fun. We only live about 45 min away in the hills to the south east and we go all the time.I personally appreciate how we are not forced to wear masks inside and it’s your personal choice , the way America should be! If you want to wear one great ! if you don’t don’t! The atmosphere is just awesome for my family and friends. It’s like being normal again in public and everyone is just happy!!!! Feel very fortunate to have this establishment in our area for everyone to enjoy in the winter months.The staff is great , the food is great and the ski shop gets my money all the time ha ha.

8. Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society

Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society
Source: Google Maps

As the old saying goes, “there’s more than one way to explore a city.” In Mansfield Ohio, an array of activities awaits visitors looking for something unique and memorable. Here is a list of some of the best things you can do in Northeast Ohio:

1) Visit the historic and sprawling grounds of the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society on Reformatory Road; 2) Take time to browse around Richland County’s antique shops and beauty salons along Trimble Road;

3) Enjoy peaceful walks through beautiful perennial gardens at local parks;

4) Learn about maple syrup production with tours offered by nearby farms.

The Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society offers guided tours throughout its vast property that was once home to thousands of inmates from 1896-1990.

As you walk down long corridors, take in views of amazing architecture, learn about reform school history, or visit special events held here, it will be hard not to feel inspired as you experience this slice of Americana first hand.

From exploring hidden passageways beneath the castle walls dating back over 100 years ago to standing atop guard towers offering stunning vistas over the rolling hillsides of Maple Syrup country – there are endless opportunities for adventure here!

For those looking for fresh air and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life, look no further than Trimble Road where quaint little antique stores and beauty parlors line up side by side with lush gardens full of colorful perennials.

Whether you choose to spend your day perusing vintage finds or simply strolling along tranquil paths admiring fragrant blooms – you won’t regret taking some time out to enjoy all that nature has to offer right in downtown Mansfield!

Judith JohnstonJudith Johnston
19:38 25 Dec 22
Great historic place to visit. Dress weather appropriate, layered in fall/winter months as it's drafty & no heat. 4 hours on self guided tour was well worth the time. Looking forward to going back in the spring before it gets too hot for a guided tour! Also has an industrial museum inside that was very informative and interesting.
Collin BowserCollin Bowser
00:14 15 Aug 22
This is an awesome experience! Nearly the entire facility is accessible and you can spot the various filming locations from the film The Shawshank Redemption! I would recommend purchasing tickets in advance if you would like to go on one of the guided tours. We opted for the self-guided experience and it was a great option because it's cheaper and we could experience everything at our own pace. One thing to note is that it is very much an abandoned building so you'll have to watch out for clutter and restoration areas. You'll want to be cautious with children! Highly recommend if you live in Ohio or are a history/film buff.
Shawn McFarlandShawn McFarland
03:26 07 Jun 22
This is a really amazing experience. Lots of history. The architecture and materials used for the building is an absolute splendor! Do the guided tour. Afterwards you can wander around on your own. Our guide was very knowledgeable. We'll worth the extra $10.00! If you have a dust sensitivity take a mask or respirator! While some of the prison has been restored most hasn't. It's very dirty! But please don't let that deter you from going! A simple dust mask will alleviate any issues!
Shawna ColletteShawna Collette
23:13 24 May 22
Absolutely incredible!! We did the self guided tour, which was awesome to go at your own pace. They also have the making of Shawshank that’s included with your visit. It takes a couple hours to get through the whole place.Not really a small kiddo type of tour, they’d probably be board and begging to go. There’s lots of stairs, some tight spaces and it’s old and musty. But oh so very worth it. Plus, if you’re into the paranormal, you just might catch site of ghostly activities.
Cody AllenCody Allen
20:25 03 Apr 22
It was a really fun experience! Myself and my dad took a self guided tour, and it was great! We saw a lot of the prison, including solitary, but we could probably have taken more time and seen even more. Staff were also kind!

9. Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Source: Google Maps

Rushing around the racetrack, revving engines and roaring tires. That’s what you can expect when visiting Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Mansfield, Ohio! This world-renowned track has been thrilling drivers since 1962, making it one of the premier places to go for a racing fix:

  1. Race laps on the circuit with your own car or motorcycle;
  2. Check out events like NASCAR Xfinity Series races and AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days;
  3. Visit during Emma Lane’s Ale Trail weekend to sample delicious craft beer from local breweries;
  4. Take part in open lapping days and driving schools.

Mid-Ohio is conveniently located near many attractions such as Hampton Inn & Suites at Gass Rd., Lex Lanes Bowling Alley at Tingley Ave., Springmill St. Theater, and Trimble Rd. Shopping Center.

Whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or just want to take in some sights, this place has something special for everyone who loves speed and excitement!

Plus, when staying overnight there are plenty of accommodations nearby so you can enjoy spending time here without having to worry about making long drives back home afterwards.

Just two miles away lies another great destination – Mansfield Motor Speedway – where you can explore all sorts of motorsports activities including dirt oval racing and drag strip competitions.

So if you’re up for more thrills after experiencing Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, be sure to check out all that Mansfield Motor Speedway has to offer!

Joshua GrahamJoshua Graham
23:48 11 Sep 22
Daughter took the teen defensive driving course. Instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. They were able to communicate the info to the students very well. They had collision avoidance drills, skid drills and braking drills. My daughter had a great time and as a new driver learned some invaluable skills she will be able to use for the rest of her driving life. I will be taking my son there when he drives and highly recommend it to anyone new or not to driving.
Steve HarboltSteve Harbolt
19:50 10 Jul 22
Most of these ya-hoos giving this track 1-3 stars are most likely fair weather fans, or spoiled by less grassroots racetracks that are in it for money alone. I’ve been coming to Mid-Ohio for 30 years as a fan and as part of the racing community. This is a great family track that hasn’t been bogged down by a bunch of HOA style, cater to the entitled, kind of rules. Bring your kids, bring your cooler, watch from any location around the track, camp out for the weekend and wake up to the best alarm clock in the world with the sound of cars on the track.
Robert HobbsRobert Hobbs
13:46 10 Jul 22
Exciting Road Course in Mid-Ohio, I've been here mostly for NASCAR weekends, though, it's usually supported by other series too throughout the weekends.Plentiful room to put out your chairs and sit, never have felt like I couldn't find a fantastic view, and ample opportunity to sit on great curves that provide a ton of entertainment.Grandstands, throughout the track for a bit more of a fee, not necessary, but always available and never super crowded for those that simply want to get to a quick and less crowded seats. I'd recommend, Grand Stands 2, as it's situated on the backstretch with the best curves.Plenty of portable pots and one decent real restroom, never any issues trying to get in and out of restrooms like many races, and sporting events. Always available.Refreshments, and merchandise area could be updated and left a little bit to be desired. There's much downtime between events, and the oppurtunity to shop more, or more places to get different types of food and snacks, would certainly help pass the time and provide for more entertainment between practices, qualifying, and races.Parking is ample, and plentiful, easy to get in and out.Prices for weekends are extremely agreeable, as well as the season passes, and camping. Plenty of camping surrounding the track, golf cart rentals to get back between sights and track in general.Overall Mid-Ohio is an awesome gem in Central Ohio countryside, that provides great aggressive road racing, great prices, and easy accessible facilities and refreshments, with all that being said, there is oppurtunity to be had with mid event entertainment, merchandise, and concession area's.
Chris DitmarsChris Ditmars
15:35 03 Jul 22
I've been coming here for years. It's a great place for family and friends. I just wish they would update this place a little more. Maybe clean the bird poop up a little better
Rose WeaverRose Weaver
03:42 05 Jul 21
This was a very enjoyable race track to visit! I got grandstand tickets but once I got there and saw we would have been facing towards the sun, I decided to just sit in the grass on the opposite side of the track. Definitely not the best view ever but there is a screen to watch the race from as well. I loved that I was able to bring my own cooler and drinks. Also took lawn chairs, a picnic blanket, and an umbrella. The walk to the track from the parking area was kind of far but that was expected. Overall a fun and relaxing place, hope to visit again soon!

10. Mansfield Motor Speedway – currently discontinued

Mansfield Motor Speedway
Source: Google Maps

For those looking to explore northeast Ohio, Mansfield is the perfect destination. With a mix of history and lush greenery, this city offers plenty for visitors to do.

One particular attraction that should not be missed is Mansfield Motor Speedway, where excitement awaits around every turn.

The speedway has been in existence since 1979, making it one of Ohio’s oldest tracks. Its historical significance as an integral part of auto racing culture makes it worth exploring even if you don’t plan on attending a race.

The nearby city also features many great coffee shops where you can relax after spending time at the track.

In addition to its exciting races, Mansfield Motor Speedway also boasts views of birds of prey soaring overhead, making it good spot for birdwatchers too!

Whether you come for the adrenaline-pumping action or just to take in the scenery, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

Mansfield Motor Speedway offers a unique experience unlike any other in northeast Ohio – and with so much more to see and do nearby, it’s no wonder why people flock to this charming city year round.

11. Gorman Nature Center

Gorman Nature Center
Source: Google Maps

Nestled in the heart of Northeast Ohio, Gorman Nature Center is an oasis for outdoor and educational activities. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a major city, then this nature preserve has everything you need!

You can explore the trails that wind through lush foliage, learn about animals native to South Africa or browse the speciality shop – all while having fun and learning something new.

The center also offers plenty of exciting classes year-round ranging from bird watching to wildflower identification. Whether it’s online shopping or spending quality time outdoors with family, there’s always something new at Gorman Nature Center.

Plus, their monthly events make for great weekend activities during your stay in Mansfield.

A visit to Gorman Nature Center is sure to provide hours of entertainment for guests of all ages. From exploring wildlife habitats to participating in hands-on interactive programs – there is endless opportunity for adventure and discovery here.

With its unique combination of education and entertainment, it’s no surprise why so many visit each year. So if you’re looking for a way to have some fun while getting closer to nature, look no further than Gorman Nature Center!

Gorman Nature Center
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Craig mooreCraig moore
20:59 09 Oct 22
Good trails, need to go back when I can spend the whole day there. I was surprised by the size of the place. I was expecting a half mile trail. I will update the post when I have more time to spend there.
Vicki BucknerVicki Buckner
13:28 31 Jul 22
This place is awesome so much to see and paths to walk always get to see something
Hopes and DreamsHopes and Dreams
18:21 11 Jul 22
Amazing place to go hiking! They have great trails of different lengths as well as picnic tables and a welcome center.
M. KleinM. Klein
21:47 28 May 22
We were in town for a few hours and decided to check it out. Unfortunately it rained earlier and conditions were not ideal (little muddy / wet). The building was closed as well, so I can only comment on the general grounds.There are a multitude of nature trails. There was an area where you could picnic (cookout). If we are in town again, we will need to give it another shot (earlier in the day)!P.S. They also have a book exchange...
Brian DibleBrian Dible
12:00 25 Sep 21
Out exploring Ohio on a road trip and stumbled across this gem. There is decent amount of parking here. Checked out the nature center for a few minutes. Some gentleman was helpful and informative in explaining the place. There are 5 miles of total trails located within the park. Needed to use the restroom, wasn't allowed to use the inside facilities, had to use the outside which was kinda weird because the sidewalk didn't even go all the way around to the men's room.

12. Mansfield Playhouse

Mansfield Playhouse
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The Mansfield Playhouse is an iconic theatre in northeast Ohio located in the heart of historic downtown Mansfield.

This unique location has been a cultural hub for much of its history, and continues to host exciting productions such as plays, musicals, and concerts throughout the year. It’s no surprise that The Mansfield Playhouse is one of the most popular things to do in town!

Attending a performance at The Playhouse can be both thrilling and rewarding. Not only do you get to see some amazing talent up close, but you also experience the energy of being part of a live audience.

And with their diverse selection of shows, there’s something for everyone – from comedies and dramas to family-friendly performances.

But it’s not just about attending a show: visitors can also take advantage of all the amenities available at The Playhouse. From concessions and souvenirs to photo ops and tours, this theater offers plenty of ways to make your visit even more memorable.

Whether you come alone or bring friends along, there are lots of opportunities during your time at The Mansfield Playhouse:


  • Take a guided tour o Attend a special event like ‘Meet the Director’ night
  • Enjoy pre-show cocktails or snacks onsite


  • Watch actors perform some fantastic theatrical works
  • Participate in interactive activities related to production themes


  • Kick back with popcorn while watching a movie screening
  • Listen to live music while lounging in comfy chairs

At The Mansfield Playhouse, there’s always something new and enjoyable waiting around every corner. So whether you’re looking for entertainment or simply want to take some time away from reality, this venue provides countless hours of enjoyment!

As soon as you step inside these doors, you’ll know why so many people choose this place as one of their favorite places for things to do in beautiful Downtown Mansfield. Transitioning into Rockin’-T Ranch Paintball…

Amy ArmstrongAmy Armstrong
03:40 04 Feb 23
It was a nice performance at the Playhouse this evening. The crowd really seemed to enjoy the comedy!
Denise GomezDenise Gomez
16:04 10 Jan 23
If your looking for an inexpensive evening in a small setting, this is it. Had a great time, enjoyed the play, not a bad seat to sit in the place. We were upstairs but there is another venue downstairs that I hear is also good.
00:02 31 Oct 22
I love this old theater. It’s so quaint and comfy. Prices are great for shows and concessions too. Save even more by getting a season pass for upcoming plays! Such a great way to spend an evening or Sunday afternoon. Highly recommend. Keep in mind there’s no elevator, only steps, which might make it difficult for compromised individuals.
Ron EckertRon Eckert
19:19 24 Oct 22
Always a good production. Gifted amateur actors. Very reasonable ticket prices.
Christine SanchezChristine Sanchez
15:06 10 Nov 21
Great little venue with friendly staff and great prices. Unsure if there's an elevator but there is at least a flight of stairs. Lots of parking options and nice downtown area within walking distance for dinner and drinks. I felt safe walking downtown and back to the theater in the dark. Lots of lighting along the way.

12. Rockin’-T Ranch Paintball

Rockin'-T Ranch Paintball
Source: Google Maps

Stepping onto Rockin’-T Ranch Paintball is like taking a step into an alternate world. Here, you’ll be transported to a battlefield where the only rule is to have fun and shoot with style!

At this paintball field, located in Mansfield Ohio, every player will find their own adventure.

Equipped with state-of-the-art gear for all levels of play, beginner or expert alike can dive right in. Take your pick from various fields—including woods ball, speed ball, and airball—and start strategizing how best to outmaneuver your opponents.

All players must follow safety rules set by the staff before diving into battle.

This adrenaline-pumping activity promises hours of entertainment as you team up with friends or compete against them on the course.

Whether you’re looking for some friendly competition or want to test your skills against other experienced players, there’s something here for everyone who likes to get their heart racing!

So grab some friends and head down to Rockin’-T Ranch Paintball today; it’ll be an experience you won’t soon forget!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Mansfield, Ohio?

When one thinks of Mansfield, Ohio, the first thought that may come to mind is what a great place it would be to visit. But the question remains: when is the best time of year to make such a trip? Surprisingly, however ironically, there really isn’t a bad time of year – each season brings its own unique charm and appeal.

In autumn, visitors can experience an array of colors as the leaves change from green to orange, red and yellow. This seasonal transition provides opportunities for nature walks through wooded areas or around lakes in addition to other outdoor activities like fishing and camping. The crisp air adds flavor and adventure for those who love fresh air during their travels.

As winter approaches, travelers are treated with snowfall that blankets Mansfield’s landscape in white beauty. Snowy days provide plenty of chances for skiing, sledding and ice-skating! For those looking for something less physical but equally thrilling, cozy fireplaces offer warmth while hot cocoa and books await you on cold nights inside your hotel room.

No matter which season you choose to explore all that Mansfield has to offer – whether it’s summer heat or spring showers – there will always be plenty to do and see here. From relaxing strolls down picturesque country roads lined with wildflowers in bloom to winter hikes beneath clear blue skies – whichever season you pick will surely bring delightful surprises!

Is There A Good Place To Stay While Visiting Mansfield?

When it comes to planning a trip, one of the most important steps is finding somewhere comfortable and safe to stay. But when visiting Mansfield, Ohio, many people might be put off by the limited options for accommodation. Does that mean you should forget about coming here? Not at all! With some research and patience, there are still plenty of great places to rest your head while enjoying this vibrant city.

For those who prefer staying in hotels or motels, there are several excellent choices within reasonable distances from downtown Mansfield. The Best Western Plus offers modern amenities such as an indoor pool and rooms with refrigerators and microwaves – perfect for longer stays so you can explore more of what Mansfield has to offer. Other nearby hotel chains include Days Inn, Quality Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn & Suites.

If these don’t suit your needs however, then why not try something different? There are also multiple vacation rentals available throughout the area which provide the comforts of home without feeling like a touristy trap. For example, AirBNB has over 100 properties ranging from unique private homes to cozy apartments – each offering their own charm yet close enough to experience all that Mansfield has on offer. Additionally, VRBO provides even more options due to its larger selection across North Central Ohio.

So no matter what flavor of accommodations you’re looking for during your visit to Mansfield, OH; know that there’s sure to be something out there that fits both your budget and style – allowing you create memorable experiences along the way!

Are There Any Nightlife Activities In Mansfield?

Exploring the nightlife of Mansfield, Ohio offers a great opportunity to enjoy all that this city has to offer. From bars and pubs to live music venues, there are plenty of ways to have fun in the evening. Whether you’re looking for something low-key or an exciting adventure, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Visitors can find numerous options for entertainment throughout the city. There are clubs and lounges with DJs spinning your favorite tunes as well as local bands playing at larger venues. Plus, many restaurants serve up delicious cuisine late into the night so you don’t miss out on any of the flavors Mansfield has to offer.

But if you want something off the beaten path, check out some of Mansfield’s unique activities like axe throwing or escape rooms! No matter what type of experience you’re after, you’ll find it here – allowing you to make lasting memories during your stay in this vibrant town.

Are There Any Other Nearby Attractions That Are Worth Visiting While In Mansfield?

Mansfield, Ohio is a great place to explore and experience culture. Did you know that the city has over 30 parks with more than 300 acres of public land? It’s no wonder Mansfield boasts one of the highest rates of recreational activities in the area. But there are other attractions too!

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, why not check out the Black Fork Bottoms Wildlife Area? The preserve offers opportunities for nature-lovers to observe birds and wildlife from up close. There’s also an educational center where visitors can learn about conservation efforts and local ecosystems while getting hands-on experiences in wetland habitats.

The nearby Mohican State Park & Forest is another fantastic option for anyone who loves outdoor adventure. Here, you can go boating on Clearfork Gorge or take hikes through wooded trails filled with wildflowers. Guests can even spend time star gazing near Pleasant Hill Lake or exploring historical sites like the Old Log Church and Indian Agency House Museum.

No matter what type of activity you’re interested in doing while visiting Mansfield, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from between these two locations alone! So if you’re looking to get outside and explore this part of Ohio, make sure to check them out during your trip.

Is There Public Transportation Available In Mansfield?

When it comes to exploring a new area, having access to public transportation can be essential. In Mansfield, Ohio, there are several options available for those looking to get around town without their own vehicle. From buses and taxis to rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, getting from one place to another is easy!

Visiting a new city often means coming across unfamiliar roads and landmarks. A great way of navigating them with confidence is by taking advantage of the public transport system in that area. In Mansfield, you have plenty of choices when it comes to being able to explore:

  • Buses – The local bus service serves multiple routes throughout the city offering quick and convenient connections between different areas.
  • Taxis – There are many cab companies operating within Mansfield making it easy to find a ride wherever you need to go.
  • Ride-sharing Services – Popular apps such as Uber and Lyft offer competitive fares and short waiting times so you can quickly reach your destination without hassle.

No matter what mode of transportation you choose, using public transport in Mansfield provides an efficient way of getting around while also allowing visitors to take in the sights at their own pace – all without worrying about parking fees or traffic delays! With so much on offer for travelers who want a taste of the local culture, it’s no wonder why this charming Ohio town has become one of America’s favorite destinations for exploration.

Conclusion on Things to do in Mansfield Ohio

Visiting Mansfield, Ohio is a great way to experience the charm of a small city. The summer months are an ideal time for outdoor activities such as hiking and biking in the area’s many parks. There are plenty of comfortable hotels to stay at while you explore all that Mansfield has to offer. If you’re looking for nightlife, there are some great bars and restaurants around town. And if you want something extra special, check out nearby attractions like Kingwood Center Gardens or Richland Carousel Park! Public transportation is also available throughout the city, so getting around shouldn’t be a problem.

Mansfield offers something for everyone – from outdoor adventures to unique experiences to just relaxing with friends or family over dinner or drinks. Visiting this charming city is sure to give you memories that will last a lifetime; so don’t wait any longer – come on up and see what makes Mansfield so special! As they say: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” So take your first step towards discovering all that Mansfield has to offer today!

Whether it’s exploring nature trails, enjoying tasty eats, or simply taking in the sights and sounds of this lovely city – whatever adventure you choose when visiting Mansfield – it’ll be an unforgettable experience!